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I am a professional photographer with over 25 years’ experience. I specialize in outdoor portraiture, lifestyle and documentary photography with an emphasis on rustic color tones and textures. Reflections - A little bit about how I began. My father was a professional photographer in Susanville, California and owned Eastman's Studio Photography. He was my biggest inspiration. He passed away in the early 1990's but he left me with memories and impressions I carry with me today. I believe everything we do as humans is worthy of documenting. Many times, when I look at a photo from the past of a person, I question, who were they? What did they do for a living? Who did they love? Were they loved? It is my hope to answer these questions for future generations through visual documentation and take you on an uncharted journey of new discovery and exploration in an unscripted style of photography. Learn more about my style at

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