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Nick is an 18 year old senior at Las Plumas High School. He is very athletic (having played just about every sport). He has played basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball, all track and football. Top sports for him are football and track with pole vaulting being his main. He has been driving since he was extremely young and can drive a manual transmission auto. He can ride quads and motorcycles and has raced motocross. Nick loves, camping, hunting and fishing. He knows how to shoot and use bow and arrow. Nick can snowboard. He can weld and is pretty efficient with a backhoe. He knows how to use the lawnmower, weed-eater and chainsaw. He\'s had a little experience driving a boat and riding a horse. Nick can back up a full truck and trailer (since he was ten). Nick has extensive on-set experience. Has had a couple voice-over roles.

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