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My name is Ted, AKA: Theo I spent a decade as a news photographer on the central and north coast working for KSBW, KFTY, KION, KCBA (NBC, CBS, and Fox) and several years as a video specialist in L.A. mostly at DeutschLA. Having grown up in, and loving the north bay, I have a "feel" for this area. I built and designed sets and lighting for local theaters like SRT. Recently I have also worked at Lux in Sonoma, Ca and TV28/27 in Napa, Ca. I offer event lighting as well. There is reel, resume, and references on my Vimeo album. Leave a voice mail if you can. I get many calls . Creative, intuitive and hard working, please contact me@ Theodore Sawyer 707 387 0093 A profile: Alana A music video: A 30 Sec spot: web promo: Jeff Lecouche Insurance Agency: Facebook: Youtube channel: Vimeo Album:

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