Production opportunities in Shasta County!

Please review the various opportunities and if interested include the role(s) that interest you! For those already with a Film Shasta listing, we recommend verifying the information and ensuring your listing includes photos. If you do not have a current listing, feel free to send your information via email to and additionally I would encourage you to create a free listing by visiting If you have any questions on the details below, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Production - Commercial: Filming May 24-25

Looking for Bull riders and Bronc riders and Extra’s for a commercial to be shot May 24-25, 2021 in Redding/Cottonwood area. Send pictures and contact info to for consideration PAID. 18 and up with ID.

Production - GOTW: Filming May

Short film, drama, thriller, proof of concept for an upcoming limited series
Indie production from Los Angeles is looking for a caucasian female in her 20s-40s to portray a waitress in a small lake town diner
Think of Rachel (Friends), Penny (Big Bang Theory), Max (2 Broke Girls), Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies)
Filming will be happening in Redding, CA area in May 2021
Please submit your headshots and resumes (or brief descriptions of your acting experience) to
Compensation will be discussed with the talent during the casting process

Production 1: Filming July/August

[Vicky] female late 30s, lawyer, successful, mother of two children (Approx. 4 days)

(Buddy) boy, 10-12 to the point, honest, talkative (Approx. 4 days)

[Jeff] mid to late 40s-early 50s, male, rich, ventriloquist (Approx. 2 days)

[Mr. Magic] distinguished male in his late 60s-70s, dresses in a suit, helpful, friendly, has a sense of humor and a sparkle in his eye, mischievous, mysterious and kind, talented, underestimated, optimistic and encouraging, he owns an old magic shop. (Approx. 1 day)

(Charlie] 8-10, girl, cute, bouncy, talkative (Approx. 4 days)

[Chan] late 30-40s asian Bono impersonator, in a U2 tribute band, a musician in his own right but not confident enough to put his own music out there (Approx. 4 days)

[Keith] early to mid 40’s, tall, handsome, successful, wealthy, generous, concerned, helpful-annoyingly, great with kids, has connections, but has a mean streak and not beyond manipulation for a good paycheck (Approx. 2 days)

[OLD MAN DUMMY] (Casting for Ventriloquist and dummy) (Approx. 1 day)

[MONKEY DUMMY] (Casting for Ventriloquist and dummy) (Approx. 1 day)

[CASTING AGENT] late 40s-50 female (Approx. 1 day)

[CINDY] woman 30s, attractive, in a

bad relationship, wants to be a veterinarian, has a son (Approx. 1 day)

[DEB] woman 30’s, cute, likes Coldplay, supportive friend (Approx. 1 day)

[BRUNO] late 30s male, heavy set animal of a man, not a very nice boyfriend to CINDY, possessive, angry, has mother issues, a crier. (Approx. 1 day)

[TAXI DRIVER] late 40s, male, talker, friendly, sarcastic, just doing his job, doesn’t like to be ripped off. (Approx. 1 day)

[NETWORK CASTING AGENT] Impatient (Approx. 1 day)

[CHECK IN PERSON] 30-early 40s female, unemotional, no sense of humor, deadpan (Approx. 1 day)

[BUS DRIVER] 50’s, male, reassuring, seasoned driver especially with children, has no tolerance for anything or anyone that upsets the bus environment. (Approx. 1 day)

[DOCTOR] late 40s early 50s male (Approx. 1 day)

[CHAN’S NEPHEW] male age 12 (Approx. 1 day)

Production 2: Filming July/August

[TIM] 10-12 years old, male, pale and fairly short, nervous-has anxiety, inquisitive, has an interest in action figures, bugs, especially spiders, reading, he is bullied at school. Tim rides a BMX and has one friend, raised mostly by a loving, hard working, single mom, his parents are separated.(Approx. 10 day’s)

[DIANE] late 30s, female, endearing, loving, protective and caring single hard working mother. She has been separated for a while. She is lactose intolerant, hates spiders and is a hairdresser working in an outdated salon under a boss who is irritating and manipulative and keeps promising her a promotion but never gives it. She lives in a modest house and she is struggling to make ends meet. (Approx. 8 day’s)

[DR. SPROCKET] a tall thin man, 50s, genius, head scientist at secret Bio-Tech lab, wears a lab coat. His eye twitches when he is irritated, generally polite unless aggravated, can be very intimidating, has a breaking point. (Approx. 3 day’s)

[BLAIR] 40s, stocky bald man, creepy/sleazy looking, is a hairdresser and owns an outdated hair salon, he is irritating and manipulative, and treats his staff generally poorly, is quick to anger and is un-genuinely over the top with his clients. He likes to play dress up in the wigs at the salon when no-one is around, is selfish, generally runs hot and cold and can change mood in an instant. He hates spiders, and also coaches a soccer team. (Approx. 2 day’s)

[MR. GRIMMES] 40s, male, school biology teacher, possibly ex-scientist, especially knowledgeable about insects and spiders, kind, helpful, looks out for his student (Approx. 2 day’s)

[SAMMIE EINBERG] 11-13 years old, female, stocky goth-girl, she is tough, but sweet and caring, she rides a BMX and also likes spiders. She is close with her family. (Approx. 4 days)

[STEVEN] male, athletic, big for 11-13, a typical rich kid, leader of a group of bullies. (Approx. 3 days)

[MARK] 11-13 years old, male, identical twin to SIMON and part of the group of bullies led by STEVEN (Approx. 3 days)

[SIMON] 11-13 years old, male, identical twin to MARK and part of the group of bullies led by STEVEN (Approx. 3 days)

[ANDREW] 11-13 years old, male, a heavy-set kid with curly hair, part of the group of bullies led by STEVEN (Approx. 3 days)

[BOBBY] 11-13 years old, male, has a pet turtle which is suspected dead. (Approx. 2 days)

[THUG # 1] 40s seasoned Muscle for hire, brawn over brains, doesn’t like spiders (Approx. 2 days)

[THUG # 2] 40s seasoned Muscle for hire, brawn over brains, doesn’t like spiders (Approx. 2 days)

[DICKIE JONES] 30-50s, male, a slacker security guard at Bio-Tech lab, likes to steal, gamble, is a risk taker and a slightly-dodgy character, is nosey, always causing trouble, (Approx. 1 day)

[GAMBLER] male, 50s? organizes, facilitates and oversees gambling. (Approx. 1 day)

[LUNCH LADY] 50s female, disinterested (Approx. 1 day)

[GRANDMOTHER] 80’s, sassy, sarcastic, tough, battle-axe, considers herself an amazing cook (Approx. 1 day)

Production 3: Filming July/August

[LAURA DANIELS] Female mid to late 20’s, owner, manager/accountant of nursing home with her husband, kind, caring towards the home residents and staff, they are family to her. Growing readily anxious about the debt and disrepair the home is in and worried / stressed that she cannot seem to do anything to change that, is resilient and strong but sometimes frustrated, sad and desperate, seeking. The nursing home means a lot to her, she grew up there as her family started it and owned it, so she does not want to lose it, has just found out she is pregnant. (Approx. 9 day’s)

[PHILLIP DANIELS] Male late 20’s, owner/handyman of nursing home with his wife, kind, does his best to repair and fix all the problems in the falling apart nursing home buildings and to solve all the problems going on in his life around him. Has an older brother Ron who believes in UFO’s, bigfoot etc. (Approx. 8 day’s)

[SONNY ‘MACHINE GUN’ BISHOP] male 70’s Vietnam vet but doesn’t liked to be called a ‘war hero’ now living in a nursing home, has arthritis and ptsd from the war and has flashbacks which fill him with fear and panic, independent and stubborn, has trouble sleeping, likes Beth 70’s – another resident but is too shy to tell her. (Approx. 4 day’s)

[GERARD JENNINGS] male late 40’s, wealthy businessman with a chip on his shoulder, distinguished and handsome, angry at his father. (Approx. 4 day’s)

[MR. WORMWOOD] Male 40’s, lawyer, handsome well dressed, tailored suits etc, sinister at heart, dishonest. (Approx. 3 day’s)

[RON DANIELS] Heavy set, late 20’s to early 30’s, lives with his mom, is a mall security guard but sees himself on the same level as a policeman, has a YouTube channel which he runs from his mom’s basement, believes in the existence of angels, bigfoot, ufo’s aliens etc, sometimes plays guitar. (Approx. 2 day’s)

[RON & PHILLIP’S MOTHER] female 60’s, heavy set? Likes to yell a lot to communicate from the house to the basement, has no sense of personal space, loves her boys. (Approx. 2 day’s)

[RON & PHILLIP’S DAD] male 60’s, handyman, likes to bowl, loves his boys but doesn’t like Ron’s interests in the ‘unexplained’ (Approx. 2 day’s)

[DR. WAYNE] male 50’s, doctor (GP?), polite, friendly, helpful, efficient. (Approx. 2 day’s)

[BETH] female nursing home resident 70’s, likes Sonny, another resident. (Approx. 2 day’s)

[PRIEST] (Father Murray) male 60’s, personable, listener, comfortable with approaching people he doesn’t know, unconfrontational, polite but sometimes hates his job especially when having to deal with crazy people. (Approx. 1 day)

Production 3: Continued

[MARY COB] female 60’s, look Texan wealthy, says what she thinks but thinks she is being helpful and is a little more reserved and polite, inquisitive. (Approx. 1 day)

[BILL COB] male 60’s, look Texan wealthy investor, owner of Cob Industries, likes the finer things, polite to a point, says what he thinks, inquisitive, does not like when people or things don’t meet his expectations, can be hard, tough, blunt, angry. (Approx. 1 day)

[LILY DANIELS] girl 4-5 years old. (Daughter of Laura and Phillip Daniels). (Approx. 1 day)

[SANDRA] (Gerard’s Secretary) Female mid-late 20’s-30’s efficient, well groomed (Approx. 1 day)

[DJ] Male 60’s, looks homeless, has a shopping cart with old phones and fax machines etc, mutters / talks to himself, thinks he sees lizards, snakes and bugs everywhere he looks, paranoid, shuffles when he walks. (Approx. 1 day)

[HOMELESS MAN #1] Male late 50’s early 60’s, maybe has a hunch when he walks/shuffles, looks homeless, is Irritable, grumpy. (Approx. 1 day)

[HOMELESS MAN #2] Male late 40’s early 50’s, looks homeless, mad at the world, sarcastic. (Approx. 1 day)

[HOMELESS MAN #2] Male late 40’s early 50’s, looks homeless, mad at the world, sarcastic. (Approx. 1 day)

[ROBBER] Male 30’s? desperate (Approx. 1 day)

[CLERK] Male / female age? (Approx. 1 day)

[VIETNAM VET] male, 70’s-80’s, burley. (Approx. 1 day)

[SPRING VALLEY RECEPTIONIST] female? 40’s (Approx. 1 day)

[JANITOR] male 50’s? inquisitive, mysterious. (Approx. 1 day)

[OLDER PATIENT] female age? Kind, sweet smile, friendly face, maybe southern? (Approx. 1 day)

[POLICE OFFICER #1] male 40’s (Approx. 1 day)

[POLICE OFFICER #2] female late 30’s (Approx. 1 day)

[CELL MATE] male 30’s? Irritated, agitated, angry – then wide eyed and terrified. (Approx. 1 day)

[PRISON GUARD] male/female? Age – any. (Approx. 1 day)

[SOUP KITCHEN SERVER] late 40’s-50’s male (Approx. 1 day)

(EXTRAS) Homeless, Hipsters, Apartment Tenants, Vietnam Veterans, Nursing Home Staff, Attendants, and Residents; Office Staff, Security, Customers for Convenience Store, Nurses, Orderlies


Currently we do not have any crew requests for upcoming productions. If you are not currently listed on our website, please visit to create your free listing!


Stairwells – needed in July 2021 cast/crew approximately 12; windows preferred




Exact dates TBD - July/August

  • 3 Older Cars – 1 day, 4 days, 6 days
  • 2 Nicer Cars (BMW/Mercedes/Etc.) – 2 days, 2 days
  • Van – No windows sliding side door – 1 day
  • Van – 1 day
  • Sports Car – 1 day
  • SUV Black – (Escalade or similar) – 2 days


There are no Other Needs at this time.


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